Sugaring in an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal using a natural sugar paste that is a mix of sugar, lemon juice and water.The honey like paste is applied directly to the skin, and removed in the same direction as hair grows to reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs, and hair breakage. Sugaring does not stick to live skin, only dead skin cells, so it is a more gentle, and natural form of hair removal.With sugaring we are able to remove hair when it has been growing for approximately 7-10 days, and you can achieve permanent reduction of hair growth with routine appointments.


Sugaring F.A.Q's

Can you get sugared while on your menstrual cycle?

Yes!  You may have added sensitivity because of the changes in your hormones, but yes we can still sugar.  Throw in that DivaCup, or tuck in that string and we are good to go!

Can you get sugared if you have diabetes?

Yes, unlike waxing, sugaring is safe for diabetics.  The sugar is never ingested, and isn't on the skin long enough to be absorbed.

Does sugaring hurt more or less than waxing?

Everyone's discomfort level is different, but generally speaking sugaring is more gentle because the sugar paste cannot stick to live skin cells.

Is the sugar hot?

No!  It is warmed to just above body temperature, so it is super safe!

Can I still get laser hair removal while sugaring?

Yes!  They go perfectly together.  Schedule your laser session for 2 weeks following your sugar appointment for optimal results.

How long does my hair have to be for sugaring?

7-10 days of growth is ideal!

Will the sugar stop hair growth permanently?

Sugaring consistently can lead to a permanent reduction in hair growth because we can remove the hair at the earliest stage of hair growth.  Keeping up with a regular sugar routine is key to this success.

Will my hair grow back darker and thicker?

No, when we remove the hair, it will actually grow back finer, which is why exfoliation is so important following your appointment to ensure you do not get ingrown hairs.  You need to ensure that the dead skin cells are removed so that the hair isn't blocked when trying to come to the surface.

How long does it take before you see your hair grow back?

With regular maintenance you can go approximately 2 weeks before you see growth.  When starting your sugaring journey it takes approximately 3 sessions 3 weeks apart to get al of your hair on the same growth cycle.  Once the growth cycles are all lined up, that is when you will see longer lasting results.