Frame those baby blues, gorgeous greens and beautiful browns!  At Beauty Lab Med Spa we offer lash lift, tinting and extension services for your lashes.

30 minutes

45 minutes

1 hour

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Classic Full Set Extensions (2.5 hr)

Classic Lash 2 Week Fill (1 hr)

Classic Lash 3 Week Fill (1.25 hr)

Volume Full Set Extensions (3.5 hr)

Volume Lash 2 Week Fill (1.5 hr)

Volume Lash 3 Week Fill (2hr)

Extensions Removal (30 min)

Lashes regina beauty lab


Will my natural lashes fall out if I get extensions?
Choosing the appropriate extension size is crucial in avoiding any sort of lash damage. Our techs are trained to do the appropriate calculations to ensure the correct extension size is being used. If this is done correctly, natural lashes will continue to shed as normal. Proper isolation is also important for the overall health of your natural lashes; 1 classic lash for every suitable natural lash and 1 properly made volume fan for every one natural lash. If multiple natural lashes are continuously bonded together, damage and irritation will occur.

How often do I need to come for fills?
The average healthy client will naturally shed 3-5 natural lashes each day. In a two-week span, that would equate to approximately 70 natural lashes/per eye that have fallen out from a natural shedding cycle. It is important to come for regular fill appointments every 2-3 weeks to avoid unsightly gaps and maintain a full lash line.

Why do you charge more than other places?
Because the lash industry does not regulate who can lash or the quality of lash training available, not every lash tech is created equally. We value our services based on our professional experience, quality of services and supplies and most importantly our education. We repeatedly re-educate ourselves to remain next-level certified and will continue to. Would you trust just anybody with your eyes??

How long are the appointments?
Each client is unique in how many natural lashes they are born with. Our policy is to lash each client to the fullest while maintaining the integrity of their lash line. We do not cut corners!! This time frame will be different for each client depending on age, health of natural lashes, ethnicity, and shedding phase. The initial appointment can range from 2-4 hours with fills ranging from 60 mins-2 hours. A consultation can be arranged at no charge to discuss the options best suited for you.

Will you fill on other lash techs work?
Short answer……no. This is a grey area and often clients do not understand this policy. Because the industry is not regulated, lash technicians are not created equally. We value our clients and want to give them the absolute best service. In order to do that, we need to see the condition of the natural lashes, so we can be sure that the extension size being used is appropriate. It is not always possible to assess this with extensions in place. Often, the extensions used are too heavy and are causing unnecessary damage; unbeknownst to the client. Our policy is to NEVER put a client in a situation that leads them to this. Secondly, we warrantee our work. If we proceeded to lash over inappropriate work, our warrantee would be void as it would be impossible to truly know which lashes were causing the issue. Certainly, there are qualified lash technicians out there so therefore we offer free consultations. If the existing extensions are in good condition, we would fill on this work. If the extensions are inappropriate in size or not properly placed, we would make a recommendation on the next step for that client.

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